Bundle of Joy Offer

Bundle of Joy is a comprehensive package which caters to all the medical needs of a to – be mother, including delivery. The utmost care at an unbeatable price of Rs. 7999 only!


First Checkup (2-10 week)

  • Free Doctor Consultation
  • CBC
  • Blood Group
  • Blood Sugar
  • HIV
  • HBS AG
  • Anti HCV
  • VDRL
  • TSH (Ft3, Ft4)
  • Urine
  • USG Obst.
  • T. T. Vaccination- 2 Doses

Second Checkup (11-13 week)

  • Free Doctor Consultation
  • Dual Marker
  • Level 1 USG

Third Checkup (16 week)

  • Free Doctor Consultation
  • Quadropic Test/ Triple
  • Livel 11 USG
  • CBC
  • GCT
  • Urine

Why Choose Us For 9 Months of Care?

We believe maternity is the most life-changing and momentous stage in a women’s life where a mother and the baby need the optimum care, consideration, and services. At Rama Hospital and Research Center, we offer the best maternity care packages and services to help you through your pregnancy and delivery.
The Obstetrics & Gynecology Department at Rama Hospital is amongst the best in the country and provides:

Top Gynecologists

Including Pediatrics & Neonatology, Fertility, Fetal Medicine, Nursery, Mid-wife, ICU,& NICU for the complete range of maternity care.

Dedicated Birthing Suites

Equipped with telemetric fetal monitors to follow the progress of labor and provide a facility for painless delivery.

Super Specialists

In the field of laparoscopic gynecology and fetal medicine routinely perform intra-uterine fetal procedures such as Correctional Surgeries and Fetal Reduction.

Laparoscopic Surgery Provision

For the management of complex disorders like Double Uterus, Intra-uterine Fibroids & Adhesions, without incision or stitches.

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